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  Place your order by 1pm. Be sure to note a pick-up time, and if you are ordering for multiple days at different times, use the special request box or text us at 201.248.9694.

Meals are in oven-safe aluminum containers and may be reheated at 350°F. Just let us know what time you'll come by, and we'll have it hot and ready to eat-- or ready to reheat, whichever you prefer. 


When you pull up to our location

in Tenafly, pop your trunk and a ready-to-eat or reheat delicious meal is placed in your car. It's that easy-- and clean.

Dinner is done!

Every dollar you add to the price of your dinner goes directly to bringing wholesome meals to community members in need. 



All meals generously feed four people. Check back weekly to see what's cooking!  

Sunday, November 22

Short Ribs Bolognese; Arugula Salad with Pomegranate; Delicata Squash

We start this two-day Bolognese sauce by cooking short ribs slowly and ever so gently, until the meltingly tender meat falls from the bone. Those same bones are used to enrich the tomato broth that forms the basis of the sauce. The end product is deeply flavorful, hearty and rich Bolognese with short rib meat, mushrooms, and more—to which we add classic pappardelle noodles. This not-to-be-missed Sunday supper is served with a peppery arugula salad with pomegranate seeds and wonton “croutons” and roast delicata squash.

Dinner for 4: $80 (Additional servings $20)

Monday, November 23

Risotto with Shiitakes and Asparagus; Minestrone

Classic risotto gets savory depth from meaty shiitakes and crisp-tender asparagus, and creamy goodness from ricotta and Romano cheeses.  Our hearty minestrone, packed with tasty, nutrient-rich vegetables, rounds out this plant-forward meal. (Gluten Free)

Dinner for 4: $60 (Additional servings $20)

Tuesday, November 24

Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon; Scallion Rice; Blistered Green Beans

Perfectly cooked, moist tender salmon is glazed with a mildly spicy-sweet coating; served with rice studded with scallion slivers and golden caramelized onion; and pan-blistered crisp-tender green beans. (Gluten Free) 

Dinner for 4: $80 (Additional servings $20)

Wednesday, November 25

Reserved for Thanksgiving Dinner pick-ups!  

Thursday, November 26


We are so grateful for your support!

We wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday.  

Friday, November 27

We hope you all have delicious leftovers to eat!  That's what we'll be doing, probably in our pajamas! We're looking forward to that once-a-year, day-after sandwich! 


Sunday, November 29

We'll be back Monday!

Additional Sides and Desserts


Mac and Cheese (serves 6 to 8 ) 

Our Mac and Cheese is all ooey-gooey deliciousness, thanks to Kerrygold Dubliner cheese (made from the milk of grass fed cows) and a topping of golden buttery breadcrumbs.


Butternut Squash Soup (1 Quart)

Our dairy-free version is rich, creamy, and silky smooth. 


Apple Crisp (9-inch)

Apples tossed with cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg baked under a classic oat topping is simply irresistible-- and perfect for autumn nights. Please specify for a gluten-free version. 


Great Big Chocolate Chunk Cookies (1 dozen)

Soft in the center with crisp edges: this is everything we think a chocolate chunk cookie should be.


Brownies (1 dozen)

 Excuse our boasting, but our brownies may just ruin all others for you...they really are that good. Drop them off as a gift, or eat them all yourself. They are as spectacular right out of the refrigerator as they are served at room temperature. 


Please let us know if you have any food allergies.

Thanksgiving Dinner

We want you to love and enjoy Thanksgiving as much as we do! Granted, this year we might not have all our peeps around the table, but we’re making the best of it and staying grateful for everything we do have.


And one thing we can all enjoy is a great Thanksgiving meal! To that end, we are offering dishes you can pick up the day before and reheat. We will give you detailed, can’t miss directions for reheating—but we promise it is usually as simple as “Place the container, uncovered, in a preheated 350- degree oven for 15 minutes.”


We will even get your big bird oven-ready. We are preparing Goffle Farm fresh, natural turkeys: your bird will be cleaned, trimmed and seasoned with fresh herbs and Kerrygold butter under the skin. All you need to do is stick it in the oven! We'll tell you for how long, and we can even supply the only re-usable pop-up timer that we think is any good, should you want it. You will end up with a perfectly cooked, amber- skinned beauty with flavorful, juicy, and tender meat. 


All we ask is that you place your order two weeks in advance (by November 12th). The day before Thanksgiving, drive up to our location in Tenafly between 2 and 7 pm, pop your trunk, and we’ll deliver a spectacular feast to your car.

Have questions? Text or call us at 201.248.9694


Pick up time on Wednesday, November 25th is between 2pm and 7pm. Be sure to write your preferred pickup time under special requests on the first item in your order.


  ~Thanksgiving Must-Have Sides~ 

         Butternut Squash Soup with Pesto Dollop

1 quart (serves 4 )$15

Sourdough Sage Stuffing with Mushrooms, Cranberries and Apple

(also available with sausage)

Serves 6: $25/ $30 with sausage

Serves 12: $50/ $60 with sausage

Sherry Gravy

1 pint: $15

Mashed Potatoes

Serves 6: $18

Serves 12: $35

Souffléd Sweet Potatoes with Streusel Topping

Serves 6: $25

Serves 12: $50

Cranberry Sauce with Port and Orange

Pint: $12

Quart: $24


Green Beans with Balsamic Glazed Baby Onions

Serves 6: $20

Serves 12: $40

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Serves 6: $20

Serves 12: $40

Roast Root Vegetables and Winter Squash

Serves 6: $20

Serves 12: $40

Roast Cauliflower

Serves 6: $20

Serves 12: $40


Apple Crisp

9-inch (serves 6) : $20

Large (serves 12-14): $45

Apple Pie


Pecan Tart with Sea Salt


Bourbon Maple Pumpkin Pie


Pumpkin Pistachio Cake with Tahini Frosting


~The Bird~

 Herb-Crusted Goffle Farms Turkey

All natural, ethically treated, free-range local turkeys

The sizes below are based on our recommendations to ensure you have leftovers. If leftovers aren’t your thing, call and we’ll figure out the right size for you.

Turkey Breast     

4 to 6 people        6 – 8 pounds         $100

6 to 8 people      8 - 10 pound           $130

Whole Birds

5 to 6 people        8 – 10 pounds        $100

6 to 8 people       10 – 12 pounds       $120

8 to 10 people      12 – 14 pounds       $140

10 to 12 people     14 – 16 pounds       $160

12 to 14 people     16 - 18 pounds       $180

14 to 16 people       18 -  20 pounds     $200

16 to 18 people       20 - 22 pounds      $220

Re-usable pop-up timer. $15 (Please note, we are offering these timers as a service to make your day easier. Most pop-up timers that come in birds actually overcook the bird. This timer cooks the breast to the correct internal temperature so it is cooked through-- but not dried out! However, if you are comfortable using your own thermometer, this is completely unnecessary!)


Please note: let us know if you have food allergies, and we will try our best to accommodate you—or tell you if we can’t.

Thanksgiving is SOLD OUT!



Please don't tip! Instead, every penny you add to the bill beyond the base price goes directly to providing meals for people in our community who need support right now.



Based in Tenafly, New Jersey, local cookbook authors and Food Network kitchen personality Marge Perry & David Bonom are doing the the two things they love most: cooking for people and helping those in need. The result: You get a complete, incredibly delicious dinner for four or more, made by Marge and David – delivered straight to the trunk of your car. And while you are eating well, you are also doing good...

HELP FOLKS IN OUR COMMUNITY who have lost jobs or wages during and could really use our support-- and wholesome, freshly made meals. Add a few extra dollars (whatever you can) to your order, and every penny of your additional donation goes directly to delivering our home-cooked meals to those in need.


We're pros. Marge is a chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC and an award-winning food writer. David has catered for folks like Bette Midler, Hillary Clinton, Sotheby's and more. Together we feed 4,500 people over the course of just one weekend every year at the New York City Wine & Food Festival. We follow strict food safety guidelines in our certified commercial kitchen, and we know how to create incredibly delicious crowd-pleasing meals.


Phone or Text: 201.248.9694

55 Magnolia Avenue Tenafly, NJ 07670


© 2020 by Marge Perry & David Bonom

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